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Preparing For a Session

1. PLEASE BE ADVISED: Massage Therapy has NOTHING to do with sex. No flirting, innuendo or inappropriate touching will be tolerated.

2. LEAVE your CELL PHONE at home or in your vehicle. If you must have your phone in the massage oasis, please turn it completely OFF.

3. DO NOT arrive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. You will be asked to leave.

4. Don't take pain medication or muscle relaxants before a massage. These would dull your ability to tell if the session itself is helpful to relieve pain and relax the muscles.

5. Please arrive with a clean body/hair. Shower and shave before your massage. This shows your respect for your massage therapist.

6. Don't schedule your massage session right after having your hair styled. Your hair will get mussed during your session.

7. Consider what you need from the session and tell your therapist. Does your head hurt? Are your neck/shoulders tight? Do you just need to unwind? Should you mention your new blood pressure medicine? (YES!)

8. It is customary to be completely undressed for massage therapy. You will be covered from the neck down by sheet and blanket until a part of you needs uncovering for work. Your breasts (female) or groin or gluteal cleavage will NEVER be exposed. If you are uncomfortable being nude, leave your underwear on. Undress to your level of comfort.

9. Please try to be quiet during your massage. Not only will it be more beneficial to you, it will be respectful to your therapist. Try to concentrate on your breath if you are having difficulty being silent. Let the brain become calm as you descend out of your thoughts into your body. You will have a much better experience.