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Thank you for your interest. Starting June 2018, you can schedule online, by clicking the BOOK NOW icon in the upper right corner of this site. You can also contact Rebecca by phone or text message. If you are a new contact, your phone call will go to voicemail.

Phone (502) 286-8633

When you call, please listen to the outgoing message and leave a detailed voicemail. Rebecca will return your call as soon as possible, often within the hour. Rebecca will be calling from her private phone number, which is different from the above, so do not be alarmed. Our webmaster tracks the usefulness of this web site using the special number above.   

Please note that male clients are seen only by referral (by an existing client in good standing). Usually this means one of Rebecca's regular clients needs help for one of her menfolk. This is unfortunately required for personal security reasons. Thank you for your understanding.


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most Saturdays 9-3

closed Sundays and Mondays