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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates for Massage Therapy by Rebecca are custom-printed and presented in matching green envelopes. These make lovely gifts any time of the year. You can offer a single massage or a package of massages. You leave the scheduling up to the recipient. No surprise massage appointments. Call to arrange the gift, whether you live in Bardstown, Kentucky or elsewhere and are purchasing a gift for someone in Bardstown. You can send funds via PayPal, or give your credit/debit card info over the phone, or mail a check when purchasing from a distance. Rebecca will give you the details when you contact her about this service.

Gift Certificate


Please think carefully about the following before you give someone a massage gift certificate. Does the person like massage, or is it that you think they SHOULD get a massage? Verify that the person WANTS massage and not something else as a gift. Usually women will tell you exactly what they wish for if you listen closely. If you haven't a clue what to buy for a lady, then you should be thinking flowers, candies or even jewelry, not this. UNLESS you know for sure that she loves massage. Avoid giving the unspoken message "you are uptight and stressed out and I know what you need: massage therapy". Some people recoil in horror at the idea.You could say that this is a rather serious gift, on the order of health care or medical treatment. Please make sure that a gift certificate for massage therapy from Rebecca is the right gift. In general, it's for Rebecca's existing clients. Usually THEY direct their husbands/partners/children/parents/friends to buy a gift certificate from Rebecca for Christmas or Kwanzaa or Birthday or Mother's Day or just because.