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Rebecca Rumbley LMT is a self-employed massage therapist in Bardstown, KY, offering high quality massage therapy services at reasonable rates. She specializes in the care of female clients. Male clients are seen when referred by an existing client or if they are known personally by Rebecca. If you are a male client and have no referral, please call Rebecca for screening before scheduling. This is for her personal safety, thank you for understanding.

Rebecca offers JFB MYOFASCIAL RELEASE treatment, aromatherapy, and hot stone therapy, as well as the classic Swedish, and deep tissue massage. Time for assessment and feedback is included in the price of your session, in addition to the actual hands-on massage time.

First in her class at the Louisville School of Massage, Rebecca has been trained in all of the classic Swedish Massage Techniques, as well as Neuromuscular Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Work, Gentle Touch, Pre-Natal Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, and John F. Barnes' MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPY (MRT). Your massage session will be tailored to fit your particular needs and may include some or all of the above therapies to make sure you feel your best afterwards.

Rebecca Rumbley: Women's Massage Therapist in Bardstown, KY

Let Rebecca RUMBLEY LMT help you to feel your best.

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Mission Statement
Making the world more peaceful by easing the suffering of others

Member of the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association)
Since 2012

License Number KY-106431 (4424)
Issued on 27 February, 2012


Massage Therapist in Bardstown, KY

Rebecca is a 2011 graduate of the Louisville School of Massage, first in her class and with a higher grade score than any previous graduate. She holds several university degrees from previous careers (BHS Valedictorian 1977, B.A. Vanderbilt 1981, M.B.A. Insead 1988, B.FA. University of Louisville 2003). At age 50 she chose to pursue an education in massage therapy so that she could work from home, and care for her elderly mother. Mother having gently passed in 2014, Rebecca continues to practice massage therapy from their family home in Bardstown.

"This is hands down the best job I ever had. I see one person at a time, and use all my powers to focus on their care, listening and assessing to plan the session. Most of the time they feel much better, emerging with a looser, lighter feeling, joint movement eased, and pain subsided. They get some ideas for self-care myofascial stretches to help between massages. Now and then a glowing report from a client and I know that I do good work. As an independent practitioner, I have freedom to control the scope of my practice, to run it wisely and without greed. That means allowing plenty of recovery time between clients, so that I can really be present with each person. May I prove worthy to continue this good work well into old age." -Rebecca Rumbley